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Yotaú All Suites hotel

Yotaú All Suites Hotel is located in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, in Bolivia. It is the most populated Bolivian city and the commercial epicenter of the country. It is based on the tropical plain at the East of the Andes range, near the river Pirai.

The colonial architecture and vegetation of the city are the reason of the amazing views in any point.

Historic center

The center of Santa Cruz de la Sierra invites to wander and visit every corner. The city is full of buildings of more than 100 years built in a colonial style. The city center is the Plaza 24 de Septiembre, one of the first urban elements. Here you will find many monuments that deserve to be visited like the Metropolitan Cathedral Basílica Menor de San Lorenzo de Santa Cruz, the Casa de la Cultura (house of culture), the Casa de Gobierno (governor’s house) or the Alcaldía Municipal (town hall) .

The city also has cultural buildings like the Cultural Center Casa Melchor Pinto, the Manzana Uno Espacio de Arte, or the Museum of History of the UAGRM.

Lomas de Arena Regional Park

This park is a protected area located 12 km away from Santa Cruz de la Sierra heading southwest. Here you can find sand dunes of 12 meters high and landscapes combining savannah, forest and lakes.

Throughout the park there are samples of representative fauna and flora from Gran Chaco forests and savannah.

To visit the park, we recommend the 5 km ecological path that can be walked or horse ridded.

Güembé Biocentro & Resort

Güembé is an eco-park that fosters numerous species of rescue animals that would not survive in their natural surroundings. It has environmental education programs with different activities to transmit concepts related to the conservation, respect and ecological awareness.

In the park you can find the biggest butterfly farm of the world, where an enormous variety of butterflies are grown and studied.

The park also has 18 pools with different sets and a restaurant.